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News sample page

News sample page

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News Script is advanced modern script that outstands over old CGI/plain file scripts. It is based on PHP and MySQL that makes it work much faster, easier to install and secure. News Script has all required functionality.

We offer paid and free versions.
You can download free version for Linux here.

Advanced HTML Editor (WYSIWYG)

It is integrated with image uploader
It has Text formatting tab
It has Table editor tab
For advanced users it offers HTML mode with tag highlighting

Image Uploader

Our system uploads images to MySQL and you should not worry concern security problems that image uploading to directory may course.

User Management

You may create users that are able to login and submit new news.
You can give administrative privileges to some user. Admins can add/remove other users. Edit all News. Regular users can edit only news that they have created.


You may create as many templates you wish for news listings and detailed news description. There are several ways to place news into your web pages. It supports JavaScript embedding (it is possible to place such news in any HTML, PHP, CGI, ASP, JSP and any other pages), SSI, PHP.

News Category

Each news belongs to some category.
New News Category is created on a fly

Code Generator

You need JavaScript, SSI or PHP code to place news into your website and Code Generator gives you ability to generate any code. You can select news that you wish to show by: Category (or news from all Categories), User (or news from all Users), max number of news or leave blank to shows all news, template that should be used.


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